WARNING! This is not a test! Except for the fact that, you know, it is...
Well, if this works, whoever is viewing our blog should see this. Which is...good.
If you were looking for non-lame review-type things...they'll be here eventually.
So, while you're waiting, go read a book. Or otherwise busy yourselves with whatever cheerful, happy, shiny things you do.

--The 3 Cousins


Reese said...

Say I said I thought what you guys are doing is really cool. And I've been wanting to do something like this for a long time but I have no idea how. And say I'm a tad bit evil myself, (a tad bit, all the way through, with a black heart and I don't care, what does it matter?) Do you get what I'm going for? Does it need to be spelled out?

How about you guys let me join up. Maybe a trial period first or something? Yea, just add it on to the end of the next review or something. I KNOW!! STICK IT IN CODE!!!

Yours Truly said...

'Ello Reese,
Us three have decided to allow you to submit a review to our email address we have on our main page. It wont necessarily be posted, but we will definitely read it.
Looking forward to seeing what you can do.