The Sweet Far Thing

The Sweet Far Thing is the third in Libba Bray's trilogy, which, as the back cover informs me, is called the Gemma Doyle Trilogy.*

And it's really, really good. It gave me shivers. And it made me cry. No, really. Libba Bray, you made me cry. I shall never forgive you.**

Now, if you haven't read the first two books (A Great and Terrible Beauty and Rebel Angels) I suggest that instead of reading the rest of this post, which will likely contain spoilers for both of those books, you instead go and read the books themselves. You will like them, I promise.***

Gemma Doyle, at the end of Rebel Angels, bound the magic of the realms to herself, promising to share it with the tribes. Now, she must contend with the creatures of the Winterlands, the plotting of the Order and the Rakshana, the discontent of those who live in the Realms, and her feelings for a certain extremely hot Indian guy.****
Gemma must figure out who to trust and what to do, all while keeping up the pretense of a nomal, stifled, Victorian-schoolgirl life.

She does, of course, have friends to help her along-- sort of. Felicity is as scathing and power-hungry as always, and Ann wilts, if possible, even more than before-- though she does have breif moments of confidence and even triumph. Pippa is... not really Pippa anymore, though you'll have to read the book to find out what happens on that front. Kartik, is a friend, perhaps more than a friend, but again, you'll have to read the book. Libba Bray has said that there is Kartik/Gemma action, and there most definitley is.*****

The Sweet Far Thing is beautifully written, and, though it is over 800 pages long, manages not to drag on in the least. The ending, is, I thing, fitting-- but don't worry, I won't tell you what it is.

I award The Sweet Far Thing with four and one-half daggers.

*A name which, in my opinion, is entirly unfitting for the trilogy. The Gemma Doyle Trilogy? Yawn. Unfortunately, no one consulted me when they made this decision, so what can I do?

**The chances that she will ever read this are, of course, exceedingly slim. Ah, well. Such is life.


****Need I say it? MINE.

*****Insert evil cackle here.

Cackling, shivering, wishing Kartik were real, and yours,

PS This is the best YA cover of 2007, in my opinion. Possibly the best title. What do you think?


Aella Siofra said...

The Sweet Far Thing, indeed the words roll effortlessly from the tongue. I am overly cheery that it has come out for the general mortal populous, but have descended into a pit of despair as I cannot wrap my fingers about it until I can go to buy it. *drags self to threshold of the public library*.

Libba Bray said...

Oh no! I hope you forgive me after all** and will not attack me with your SPORK OF DOOM, about which I am exceedingly curious. Thanks for the great review.

Aislinn Ai said...


I wouldn't attack you with my doom-spork! Never! You are far too much of the awesome!

I suppose I was wrong when I said you'd never read this... heh....

Sheepish, starry eyed, and yours,
Aislinn Ai

Amy~la said...

aww... but it would be fun to have someone attack you with a spork of doom...

Bri said...

as to avoid the said "spork of doom" i stopped reading after the first 2 paragraphs and will now go read the first 2 books in the trilogy *dashes off to borders with gift card in hand*

amie crosszane said...

the book was indeed awesome.

and though the title is great, i'm not so sure it's the best cover of 2007. sort of girly and romance-novelly, not quite my thing. and it has pink. i like the first cover the best, i think, the other one next.

i posted my own review, with an equally good opinion of the book.

i didn't quite cry, but i came close.
book was EXCELLENT though.

Amy~la said...

... most of these comments are about the spork of doom. where is said spork? i dont believe you really have a spork of doom. prove that you have one, then i will believe you... (or not)

i'm just gonna use Sera Zane now said...

do not doubt the spork of doom! it is only begging your anhillation with said fork!

Aislinn Ai said...

You dare to question the spork, Amy-la?


You'd best watch your words, my dear. the DoomSpork does not like to be questioned.

-- Aislinn Ai

Amy~la said...

hmm... i guess the spork of doom is real... :(

BTW- it is Amy~la (with a squggle) not Amy-la!

Medeia Senka said...

The squiggle is technically called a tilde (don't ask how I know that)... but I came here to ask if any of you would be interested in taking a poll on my blog... Lots of my friends have read the Twilight books and love to ask who (if you were Bella) you would choose, so I thought I would expand this question to the bloggerverse... if you vote, say why you chose that person (I'm always interested in hearing people's answers)...so, Jacob or Edward?

Oh, and Sporks are fantastic...

Bri said...

just commenting to say that i now have a new blog devoted only to reviewing books (like this one...). Here is the URL:
check it out (please?) because I have been working on it all day and it is still very lonely.

amie zane said...

yes bri, but you DON'T ALLOW ANONOMOUS COMMENTS!!!!! so i can't mention my love of Peeps, or that your blog is fawesome, or that the nine kinds of fawesome thing is, well, fawesome.

Danielle said...

I fricken love this book sooo much!! Everything that happens is connected in some way. Such unexpected things happen that it keeps you reading!! I loved reading every bit of it!! I have long waited for this book to come out and bought it on the first day!! Omg and im totally in love with Kartik!! i want him!!!

Danielle said...

Medeia Senka, you didn't put a website!! Cause id love to go to it! im in loooovvveeee with Edward!!!!!! He's amazing, beautiful, sexy, romantic.... it goes on and on!! anyways.. id love to see what you have to say about him and the books!!!! :-)

Heather♥ said...

Yeah, I need a website to go to for your blog, Madeia Senka. I would love to give my opinion.

And I'd like to say, Kartik=MINE!!! called dibs on him from the beginning. I actually called dibs on a lot of fictional characters. Me and my friends all posted a list of guys and there were sooo many. I forgot like 10, but I think Kartik was number 1(even though it doesn't matter which order they were in)

I totally believe in the spork of doom...souds believable to me...and I hope you don't attack libba bray with it else she may not finish publishing Going Bovine which I am DYING to read!
Well, that and she's my favorite author and if she died I would mourn for day, weeks, years!

♥heather(I cried...a lot. :D)

Amy~la said...

OMG!!!! I LOVED THIS BOOK! even if it did make me cry at the end (i think you know the part im talking about.)

now when tessa and amanda talk about this book i will understand what they r talking about!)

Christie said...

Libba~ i loved the Rebel Angel book so much, but I was disapointed that you had to add the sex and homesexuality. Girls at this age are already so pressured by the world, they could use a really good book that doesn't tempt them. could you explain why you added that? Although, yes, I, as well as others, love (absolutely adore) Kartik. Thanks for writing these!


I can't believe Kartik is dead.

Christie said...

Libba~ i loved the Rebel Angel book so much, but I was disapointed that you had to add the sex and homesexuality. Girls at this age are already so pressured by the world, they could use a really good book that doesn't tempt them. could you explain why you added that? Although, yes, I, as well as others, love (absolutely adore) Kartik. Thanks for writing these!


I can't believe Kartik is dead.

Anonymous said...

The Gemma Doyle Trilogy is a series that has kept me begging for more. At times i weas so scared that i could not manage to fall asleep. This is one of the best books i have ever read.

elena said...

I'm usually not this wishy-washy ( I swear it on my Star Wars commemorative watch ), but everytime I let myself think too much about The Sweet Far Thing it breaks my heart all over again, and I tear up. It was an amazing book; one of my favorites! It kept me on the edge of my seat until I was back-handed off of it with the intense ending.
By the way...this site is freakin stellar.