Guess what came in the mail today?

No, none of us won the contest. I entered, though, and Cassandra Clare* emailed me... to ask whether the Evil Cousins wanted an ARC!

After I finished squee-ing** I said that we most certainly did.

And here it sits, right next to me. Jealous?***

She even signed it for us:

I die of happiness.

*Who is definitely my hero. Right now, anyway. Well, her and Buffy.

** And jumping up and down, and fainting.

*** Insert maniacal laughter here.

Fainting, squee-ing, reading City of Ashes, and yours,

PS A review is, of course, forthcoming.


Reese said...

I'm so jealous.

Byamim said...

Very nice, congratulations :)

Aella Siofra said...

Wonderful for you! I hope you enjoy it to the fullest...and tell us everything (of course).

Amy-la said...

OMG!!! That is so fawesome! please review the book soon, i am bored

readergirl said...

how'd you get an ARC???

serafina zane said...

i hate you. you lucky, lucky, lucky, lucky fools who get a book. oh, your shiny shiny cover image taunts me. my hair has turned purple with envy...and hair dye. you and your ARC of City of Ashes. *continues grumbling* i wants one...it be so shiny.
ah well, 91 days for all us mortals.

(hey, check out the link from my name. i read way too books too. teenagers with brains unite! except the ones i talk about tend to be really random obscure ones, because i read way too much. i post around your blogs sometimes as amie crosswhite.
and i do enjoy your site, when you do update it regularly and post reviews and aren't mocking me with having of books)

Yours Truly said...

Ah ha! So Madame Crosswhite finally reveals herself!

Another to join us in the fight to conquer teenageria! Huzzah!

-- Aislinn Ai

serafina crosswhite said...

yes, i am one of life's greatest mysteries.
mainly i use all these names to make myself giggle. like, "wait, why do people keep calling me serafina? can i control the weather?" or "hmmm...i don't THINK i hang out with vampire rock stars, but people keep calling me amie crosswhite, so i must."

and i have been battling to defeat teenageria since, ummm, pretty much before i was actually a teenager. i'm pretty hardcore like that.
*thinks back fondly to days of third grade when she would completely scare the voulenteers at the library summer reading program by reading Harry Potter and the Prisinor of Azkaban in a single week...along with three other books, and then demanding all thier prizes. evil laugh*

Aella Siofra said...

I used to do that all the time. But Medeia was the only one to actually enjoy watching the other library-prize-hopefuls cry. Although I disliked the crying it never stopped me from demanding the prizes. *smirks uncharacteristically*

serafina crosswhite said...

ahhh yes...tormenting of librarians. good times, good times.
the librians at that place really are quite annoying. they would kick us out into the snow because we sought refuge in the heat and talked. but strangely, not when we brought a guitar into the lobby or did percussion concerts in the lounge.
very inconsistant people. and very lame about getting new books.
that's why i use the other library now.
plus, those librarians did nothing but hand out snide flyers. they banned a couple of my friends from there for life, actually.
i mean, they sort of did try to burn the place down, but still...