Harry Potter Fun!!!

Oh, hey, look! A poll!! You should take it!!

Is your answer 'other'? Post it in the comments here! Aislinn wants to know.


Byamim said...

Harry and Snape.


Rebekah Ruth said...

Once I saw a shipping for the Giant Squid and the actual building of Hogwarts.
And bells went off in my brain.

Avery Trelaine said...

Byamim, you are one fairly sick fellow.
It makes me happy.
I agree. Definitely.

Weird minds think alike...Avery

Shausto-la said...

hmmm..i saw one for Lucius Malfoy's Pimp Cane and Rita Skeeter's Quick Quotes Quill once. That one is DEFINITELY my favorite. <3

Reese said...

Neville and Ginny.

Without a doubt. They are the best.