Happy New Year!! WoOt!!!

It's 2008, everybody. Do you feel different?
Avery doesn't.
Neither does Twyla.
Nor Aislinn. But she thinks the fireworks are terribly exciting.
Anyhow, we would all like to wish you an evil-- er, that is...a HAPPY New Year!
And stuff.
Evilly yours,


Bri said...

I'm not feeling it either, don't worry. Well, actually I am feeling pretty tired. Is that the new year? If it is this is going to be a pretty sucky new year.

amie zane said...


Reese said...

I'm feeling it! I know because THE SUPER AWESOME PROJECT is well uderway.

Medeia Senka said...

shhh....don't say anything about that... I don't want to send my newly discovered lion daemon after you, but I will if I have to...

And Happy New Year everyone (I refuse to say 2008 will be great... it sickens me)...