Questions for a Literary Agent

3 Evil Cousins has planned an upcoming interview with well-known NYC literary agent, Scott Treimel. Scott is the agent for such amazing YA writers as Gail Giles and Arthur Slade, but besides being an advocate for his clients, Scott feels one of his most important roles is as an advocate for teen readers.

Since so many of us are hoping to one day be published authors ourselves, we thought we'd give our readers an opportunity to ask Scott some evil questions. (You can ask either writery-agenty questions or just let him know what information you as a YA reader want passed along to publishers.)

Leave your suggestions as comments on this post!

Yours Truly,
The Evil Cousins


Tonight_She_Shines said...

I'm a 26 year-old currently working on a paranormal romance series, and I was wondering, how to go about writing a proposal for a book that is supposed to be part of a series? I've seen a million example "how to" proposals on books that are stand alone novels, but nothing about series.

ReaderGirl said...

How much should I edit my book before atempting to publish where there will be editors? And also what should my next step be after finishing my book?

slayground said...

When acquiring a novel, which is your more prevalent concern, the style of writing or the plot/premise?

What do you look for in a manuscript?

Lenore said...

How much of a submission do you have to read before you know whether to reject it or if it's something you'd like to consider representing?

.Monica said...

What is the ingredient for a great hook in a book?

Gabriel Gethin said...

What would a student want to major in if they are considering becoming a literary agent?

Curiously yours,
Gabriel Gethin