Hey, look!

Wowzas! A new picture!

Yep. Proving once and for all that Aislinn is not a boy. Not that there was any doubt in the first place... right?

Isn't it pretty?

There are also other new things, like... individual blogs! Each of the cousins now have their own personal blog, where we will... blog. About bloggy blogging things.

So, dear reader, I command you: click here and here and here.

Bloggingly, picture-admiringly yours,

PS The one on the left is Avery, I'm in the middle, and Twyla is on the right.

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Morbid Princess said...

I really liked Lobster Land I thought that it was cool. I can relate to Charlotte's life, because, I always have to baby sit, and I am moving away to go to a different school so that I can get away from the island that I live on. This book was really good. I give it 4 daggers out of 5