Teen Read Week

Happy Teen Read Week, everybody! Hmm. I guess we cousins should start reading, huh?

Teen Read Week is... presented by? Sponsored by? Held by? ________ by ALA (The American Library Association). This year's theme is LOL.

No, really. Like the internet abbreviation.

Please excuse me. I have to go curl up in a corner and cry.

But other than the atrocious (in my opinion) theme, Teen Read Week is pretty darn awesome. Teenagers should read more.

Readingly, curling-up-and-cryingly yours,

Note: You can see my further thoughts on lol, and some other stuff, here.

1 comment:

Gilly said...

oh no! what a terrible theme!
how can internet abbreviation be a theme for a week dedicated to books...that doesnt really make a whole lot of sense...because its stories...that have no LOL. which is the way i like it..well we're ommiting the cyber stories for young teens of course. but how horrible! tell me one good reason for this to happen!!!

...this sucks!

i'll go back to reading now...