Did we fool you? (April Fool's Post)

Because there seems to be some confusion: THIS IS NOT A REAL REVIEW. We put this post and the one below it up as an April Fool's joke, along with a very pink temporary redesign of the blog. We do not write like this, think like this, or enjoy books like this. Thank you.
GOSSIP GIRL by Cecily von Ziegsar
Serena van der Woodsen & Blair Waldorf wer princesses of Manhattan's Upper East Side elite. they wer rich, beatiful, n wanted. they partied hard (aided by their parents endless supply of booze) & shopt harder. basicly, they had it all. but dont let looks fool u. theres trubble in paridise.
even tho Serena and blair wer best frnds it was alwys obviuss that serena wuz tha taller, thiner, blonder, kewler 1. she wuz in charge. so wen Serena leavs 4 bording scool blair feels both abandoned & liberated. her best frend has left her, but she is now officially it.
1 day, just be4 Blair & her posse strt senior yr @ constance billard scool 4 grls, serena coms back, scandal and intrigue following her. but sumthin isnt rite. tha welcome she expected just isnt ther. blair greets her coldly. wat happened? did she find out that serena slpt w/nate (blair's now-bf)? whatevr happened, serena is now snubbed by her 4mr frnds, stil societies It Girl, stil adored by boyz n girlz (espeshully tha boyz), but now she stays home on fri nights, cuz she's got nobody to party w/.
all this & more is reported by Gossip Girl, the misteryus blogstress that dishes on all the sex, secrets, and scandal of tha upper east sde.
gsp grl is such a gr8 buk! the guys r hawtt &the parties r kewl. but its not just that. tha relayshunships are rl dep, to. Cecily von Ziegsar is such a gud riter! shes so gud @ showing the vulnerubble side of thos grls we luv 2 h8 & h8 2 luv.
gossip grrl is lyk ttly fabu. so much of it made me lol, & sum of it evn made me cri (i mean, its not her fawlt 4 bing so hawt, rite? its not fare that blairs so men 2 her) i wish i cud b prt of tha world! dont you cuz it wud kewl to be, lyk skinny, desired, & pwerfull, & party all tha time rite? omg i cant w8 to red tha nxt 11 GG buks!!! also, chk out tha sho cuz its my fav, basicly tha bst ting evar!!!
6/5 daisies! its just that gud!!!!

u kno u <3>

omg i <3>
my fave char iz probly nate cuz hes HAWT or serena cuz shes HAWT. omg theyre all so kewl & diffrnt tho its hard to choose lol!!
6/5 daisys too!! jus like avery lol!!1



LIse said...


You are scarily good at being a bad grammar-ed, dumb "hawt" girl.


Anonymous said...

I had totally forgotten it was april fool's day until I came here...you scared the bejesus out of me for a minute.

Erin said...

u all r like totally hilarious!!!!

Chelsea said...


Reader Rabbit said...


Anonymous said...


Liv said...

wow. I totally fell for this. so funny!

Raelyn said...

oooo... april fool's day. ha that's funny. i was like wtf? ;)

Anonymous said...

My head just exploded...


(can't wait until tomorrow)

khy said...


Em said...

that is amazing.

Elisse said...

*phew* I actually checked to see whether I was at the right site about three times.

Anonymous said...

oh my god that was so scary! i was thinking you guys had been brainwashed!!! daisies!!?! ewwwwwww

geez good job guys you had me fooled!
phew....now dont do it again!!

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Anonymous said...

rotflmao. dat waz lyk ttly funneh!!!11!!eleven!!

Stacy Dillon said...

Pretty sweet, ladies!

MsYingling said...

Thanks for an interesting blog. I do try to consult my students about which books THEY like, but most books are reviewed by adults. Hopefully, we mean well.("We" does not include any awards committees, by the way, just well meaning teachers and librarians!)

Abby O. said...

LOL! High-larious!