Another Fool

Lauren Myracle is a genius 4 writing TTYL. Maddie, Angela, and Zoe r my heroez!!! They r sooo strong and tuff! First Angela thinkz shez found Mr. Ryt but he turnz in2 Mr. Yea Ryt. Ther iz also Zoe and her Englush teacher, whoz 24. They start going 2 church 2gether and totally start crushing on each other. Then, wen I thot nuthing mor cud happen, Maddie getz "betrayed" by her frend Jana.

Por Jana, she wuz soo misunderstood by Zoe and Angela. All she did wuz take picz of Maddie wen she wuz totally wasted @ a party and sent them out 2 ppl. It'z pretty obvious tho that she wuz jus trying 2 get opinionz 2 help her frend. Who wudn't do that 4 sum1 they cared about?

Rob, Angela's first dude, sounded sooooooo cute <3

zomg!! Did I mention the wey the bookz r written??! I didn't O.O!??! How cud I not hav?! It'z writen lyk it'z a IM. How totally awesum iz that!?!?!?!? Ryt after I finished it, I wanted so bad 2 go out and get the nex book. I can't w8 2 start reading the second 1. I'm so glad it'z out so I don't hav 2 w8 4 it.

This book totally deservz all 6 of the 5 daisies I'm giving it. I totally <3

Luving this wunderful book and totally urs,

Twyla Lee


serafina-zane said...

omg, lyk, this PURSE.

Reese said...

ahaha. April fools. I was miraculously saved from all of that because I didn't go to school.

But anywho, did you know IV did Ttyl too? Its like...the first book we both reviewed. Is uber cool.

Anonymous said...

make it STOP. that was the meanest april fools ever